F.W. Cobs has been recognized as a leader in top quality organic and traditional whole grains. Below you will find our list of organic and conventional grains that we typically offer, and the delivery options available.

Alfalfa Pellets

Alfalfa makes a great additive to any feed ration. It provides extensive benefits to all different species. It's a highly versatile feed ingredient that can be used to bring up the forage quality, or to decrease the volume of concentrates being fed.


Corn is the primary feed source ingredient for livestock and poultry in the United States and around the world. It is the most widely produced grain in the United States and controls the markets of most other feed grains.


Barley is the principal feed ingredient in Canada, Europe and in the Northern United States. It contains less energy than corn but is high in starch.


Oats are a cereal grain that is commonly found throughout North America. Compared to other grains they have a slightly lower energy value when being added to rations. However oats can be used as a good feed ingredient substitute when prices of other grains are high.


Peas are used for both animal feed & human consumption. In animal feed it is used as a source of protein and starch. Peas can be used as a substitute for corn and soy products.


Rye is a hardy cereal grain that has a feeding value of about 85%-90% to that of corn. It is best consumed when mixed with other grains to make up no more the 1/3 of the rations.


Soybeans are classified as an oil seed and are commonly processed into soybean meal for animal feed. Soybean meal is one of the most important and widely used protein sources to livestock feed and is unmatched by any other feed ingredient.


Wheat is commonly used for both animal feed and human consumption. When dealing with animal feed wheat can be a great source of protein and energy and can be a good substitute to corn. When dealing with human consumption, wheat is best if the protein is high and it can be easily milled into flour.


Mixed grain screenings have become valuable for many livestock feeders. Screenings consist of whole and damage kernels from the parent grain along with other volunteer grains. Protein and fiber contents are higher than expected compared to pure cereal grains.


 Conventional Organic
Available Delivery Available Delivery
Grains Truck Rail Truck Rail
Alfalfa Pellets 14%
Alfalfa Pellets 16%
Barley - Whole
Buckwheat - Whole
Canary Seed   
Corn - Whole
DDG's - Wheat   
DDG's - Corn   
Flax Meal
Flax Seed
Lenils - whole
Oats - Whole/Crimped
Peas - Feed/Yellow
Peas -Feed/Green
Rye - Whole
Soybean Meal
Soybeans - Whole
Wheat - Whole
Wheat Middlings
Mixed Grains - Ground
Mixed Grains - Pellets
Mixed Grains - Unground

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